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Unique webinar experience that teaches a new way to design and deliver highly engaging and interactive virtual events

Are your teams connected for productivity or wired for distraction?

Our webinars take a slightly different twist in exploring how to design highly interactive webinars and virtual meetings that keep people engaged. One of the biggest challenges facilitators and trainers face is the effect of participants multi-tasking on the productivity and creativity of the group.  The first reaction is to think about how to STOP participants from multi-tasking so that they will focus on OUR agenda.  But in this age of 24/7 information access and communication, wouldn’t it make more sense to design in productive multi-tasking, for example contributing ideas or responding to questions at the same time as we listen to a presentation?  We call this Multi-tasking On Task. And it's what you will do when you participate in our webinar. Contact us to learn more.

About our series: Designing Interactive Virtual Meetings and Webinars The one-way nature of most webinars and web conferences misses an opportunity to engage an audience and draw on the wisdom of the group. As the use of web conferencing extends to management training and leadership development, online workshops and virtual meetings, the requirements shift from pushing information out to pulling ideas and knowledge in through many-to-many collaboration and interaction. This requires a new look at the design and facilitation of virtual meetings and webinars and the technology tools used to deliver them. Contact us to learn more.

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In each 90 minute webinar - with required pre-work - we discuss a relevant topic, and in so doing demonstrate eight guiding principles for designing interactive virtual meetings and webinars that prepare and engage participants. This webinar is particularly suited for facilitators and trainers who are looking to transition existing face-to-face workshops and meetings to a virtual environment or to include some virtual elements in a blended design. We limit each session to 15 participants. Completing pre-work in preparation for the session is required.

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