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FacilitatePro Turns Your Web Browser into a Collaborative Meeting Place that Facilitates Group Problem Solving and Decision Making

FacilitatePro™ features brainstorming, prioritizing, evaluating, surveying and action planning tools that transform meetings into powerful opportunities to unleash creativity, solve complex problems, and take decisive action. Accessed via a standard web browser, FacilitatePro is used in meeting rooms to improve group productivity or to support a teleconference, video conference or web conference. FacilitatePro is equally effective in an asynchronous setting, where participants can use the tools to contribute to an ongoing meeting at their convenience simply by accessing the web address of the shared meeting room. Download FacilitatePro Product Overview Document (1.5MB PDF).

Brainstorming Categorizing Prioritization/Voting Action Planning Surveying documenting

When coupled with a well-planned agenda and sound meeting ground rules, FacilitatePro speeds idea generation and data collection, leaving more time for creative thinking and analysis. It changes group dynamics by allowing people to contribute anonymously and gives people time to think individually while sharing ideas with others. When used in a virtual setting, it enables people to contribute at convenient times and places. Finally, FacilitatePro captures all input and provides instant documentation. Meetings take a fraction of the time you'd expect and decisions are made with a higher degree of consensus and a higher likelihood of implementation success.

FacilitatePro allows union members and management representatives to brainstorm key issues anonymously, so that the best ideas surface without any social or political inhibitors. With Facilitatepro we are able to bring the two sides of the table together, in a conference room or over the internet. The result is a common action plan to promote job and business growth.” — Jim Reid, High Performance Work Organization Partnerships, IAMAW

FacilitatePro enables us to capture and explore ideas, providing focus and critical thinking amidst the play and spontaneity. This is a new way of learning, free from the traditional constraints of the classroom or business environment.” — Mark Atlay, Director of the University of Luton CETL

Whenever and WhereverBecause FacilitatePro is web-based, you choose whether you want to gather participants in a conference room, set up an online meeting or a mixture of both. You decide whether the meeting should be real-time or whether participants will contribute their ideas when their schedule allows. Either way, you get the same focus and productivity with significantly greater scheduling flexibility. Learn more about high performance web meeting solutions.

Who Benefits from FacilitatePro?A health organization integrates extensive online feedback into its high performance employee development initiative. A global chemicals company brings sales and product experts together from around the world to solve customer issues without the need for travel. A federal agency applies interest based bargaining to resolve labor management disputes more quickly. A university professor teaches hands-on collaboration skills to future business leaders. Read case studies.


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