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Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training give you the same benefits of classroom instruction, but at your own desk and without the expense of travel. FacilitatePro takes virtual training to a new level by facilitating greater participation and engagement. Used in conjunction with web, video or tele-conferencing, instructors can take their curriculum a step further to design new forms of interaction; students are engaged in active, rather than passive learning.

FacilitatePro gives you the tools to run high performance training sessions by:

  • Providing a shared interactive environment before the class begins for asynchronous activities such as class introductions, self assessment surveys, and expectation exchange.
  • Shifting course delivery from one-way presentation to highly interactive idea generation and collaborative problem solving where everyone contributes and the instructor knows whose paying attention.
  • Going beyond brainstorming to prioritizing, voting, decision making and testing.
  • Documenting group responses to questions, problems solving and idea generation exercises and creating valuable training materials for future reference.
  • Engaging participants with case studies, idea generation and action research between sessions to increase shared learning and bringing experiences and the output of small group work into the next class.
  • Connecting global participants in interactive learning events, real time and asynchronous.
  • Facilitating large group continuous learning opportunities, augmenting tele-presentations by engaging all participants with live interactive brainstorming and Q&A.
  • Supporting virtual learning teams working collaboratively on case studies, appreciative inquiry, idea generation, action research and more.

In the Instructor’s words:

With training budgets cut by 20-80% and widespread travel restrictions, virtual instructor-led training is an essential part of training delivery. At the same time, our objective is to bring together managers and professionals from our world-wide organizations to benefit from a shared learning experience. FacilitatePro has made us think differently about training. We began to use the brainstorm and testing options in conjunction with teleconferences of 50-120 managers that were follow-up sessions to face-to-face training. Now we are redesigning some of our classes to move out of the classroom altogether, shifting to a series of highly interactive teleconferences. With our old web conferencing tools 80% of the class time was presentation with limited opportunities for Q&A and quick polls. With FacilitatePro our virtual training design has shifted to 80% interactive exercises with collaborative issue identification, idea generation and problem solving. With the added benefit of a complete report of the group’s work we have improved the effectiveness of our training enormously.

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