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High Performance Virtual Meetings with Truly Engaged Participants

With FacilitatePro achieve real time interaction in a virtual environment, conduct highly productive and cost-effective online meetings and add a new level of collaborative engagement to your teleconferences or web conferences. FacilitatePro lets you:

  • Support decision making and structured group interaction over the web
  • Gather intelligence from your participants ahead of time using asynchronous brainstorming or surveys to make your virtual meeting agenda even more productive.
  • Work across time zones with asynchronous idea generation, prioritization and action planning.
  • Boost productivity during a video or teleconference with collaborative brainstorming and prioritizing.
  • Enhance web conferences by pulling in ideas, information and priorities from all participants. Share live interactive flip charts so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Conduct quick surveys and polling to focus discussion and capture the feelings of the group.
  • Manage the group dynamic with options for both anonymity and attribution.
  • Provide support for ongoing work groups.
  • Allow facilitators and project leaders to set up and manage multiple meetings simultaneously.
  • Print documentation remotely at each participant's location.

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In the Facilitator’s words…

I was asked to design a virtual meeting to replace our usual all day meeting of colleagues from around the country using a web conferencing service and FacilitatePro to conduct the discussion. My main concern was how to keep participants productively engaged without the usual visual cues. I chose to limit the amount of "speaker" time by requiring the group to review the presentations ahead of time and provide feedback asynchronously using FacilitatePro. On the day of the meeting, we quickly reviewed the results of the pre-work and moved on to FacilitatePro’s interactive agenda. The group was asked to brainstorm potential solutions to an identified issue, and I opted for anonymity so ideas could flow freely. After a few minutes, I led the group in a verbal discussion of the ideas and assigned them to categories that were displayed in real time on everyone’s screen. I turned the flip chart into a voting ballot and ask the group to rank the ideas according to impact and feasibility. The results were immediately displayed in numeric and graphic form. We moved through several topics, brainstorming ideas and categorizing and prioritizing as appropriate until a final set of key actions emerged. At the end of the meeting, each participant received a complete set of meeting notes. I honestly was amazed that we could accomplish what we needed to in two hours, and I felt that we achieved as much or more participation than we would have in a traditional setting.

View an example of a virtual meeting agenda

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