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Designing Interactive Webinars Whitepaper
  Collaborative Learning
in the Virtual Workplace

New Approaches to the Exchange of Ideas in the Corporate Environment
  Interactive Webinars

This whitepaper provides instructional designers, conference planners and facilitators with practical strategies for conducting effective collaborative webinars. Learn how to design an interactive webinar, engage participants and use distance learning technology appropriately to conduct virtual instructor-led training and team collaboration exercises.

  Tips and Advice

Facilitate Proceedings blog is dedicated to articles, tips and techniques that facilitate more effective online meetings, webinars and business collaboration. Learn ways to improve online meetings, build virtual teams, grow your facilitation skills and enhance creative thinking. Share your own insights with our growing community.

  Live Demo

FacilitatePro web-based collaborative meeting software gives you the tools to take your business webinars to new levels of participation and learning. Create highly interactive learning events with tools for idea generation, problem solving and assessment. Let us show you how with a live hands-on demonstration.

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