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High Performance Focus Groups

FacilitatePro opens new possibilities to focus groups, whether a group of employees talking about organization culture, customers testing out new product ideas, or citizens letting their voices be heard on a key issue. With FacilitatePro, focus groups are highly productive and fun at the same time.

FacilitatePro helps you run high performance focus groups by:

  • Allowing people to participate from wherever they are, as long as they have access to the internet
  • Giving everyone a voice and equal air time.
  • Using anonymity to open up the idea generation and encourage people to contribute freely.
  • Using on-screen visuals and links to web sites and documents to stimulate ideas and test opinions.
  • Go beyond brainstorming and commenting to prioritization of issues, ideas and preferences.
  • Allowing monitoring outside the meeting room by focus group observers who can read, categorize, comment on and prioritize ideas and issues as they arise.

In the Facilitator’s words…

We scheduled back-to-back focus groups and had a lot of ground to cover. We wanted a way to build off one group's input as we moved into the next but managing all the usual post-it notes and flip charts seemed to make this impossible. FacilitatePro made this possible. We started of with some fun interactive activities to stimulate creative thinking. Then we switched to FacilitatePro and asked the group to respond to a series of brainstorming questions, each digging deeper and exploring issues and ideas further. While this was going on our client was monitoring our online flip charts from another room. She was able to prioritize items for us and let us know which ideas we should pursue further. The output from the first focus group was fully documented and categorized before the end of the session, allowing us to refocus our agenda as we moved into the next one. Next time we are going to expand participation with some virtual focus sessions.

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