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Interactive Webinars for Collaborative Learning

Why Pulling Works Better Than Pushing

The use of webinars as an alternative to traditional in-person training sessions and meetings is on the rise, Interactive Webinar Whitepaperand there are lots of services to help you push presentations and demonstrations out to hundreds or thousands of people located all over the globe.

Pushing information out can be just the ticket for a sales pitch, lecture or demonstration. But, as the use of business webinars extends to management training and leadership development, it’s much more effective to engage the audience and draw on the wisdom of the group as well as the knowledge of the trainer. This is pulling valuable information in.

The opportunity? Interactive webinars hold the promise for increased learning, improved productivity, shorter meetings, greater participation, less multi-tasking and continued collaboration long after the webinar is over.

FacilitatePro Collaborative Meeting Software for Interactive Webinars.

Drawing on what we know about successful participative learning strategies in face-to-face workshops, FacilitatePro distance learning software is designed to pull information and ideas from participants in a virtual training setting. FacilitatePro offers tools for brainstorming and idea generation, categorizing and organizing, voting and prioritizing, action planning and documentation. These webinar tools are simple in concept but powerful in their ability to draw on the wisdom of the group and keep everyone engaged. FacilitatePro web meeting software allows you to build collaborative components such as action research, case study analysis, problem solving, reflective learning, coaching, small group exercises, question circles, appreciative inquiry, feedback and assessment into your virtual training.

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