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Creating High Performance Workshops

FacilitatePro address the real productivity issues of decision-making meetings, which have to do with overcoming inhibitions, dealing with over-dominant players and keeping participants fully engaged. FacilitatrePro flattens meeting politics and keeps people focused on the end goal.” — Chuck McPherson, Interactive Meeting Solutions

FacilitatePro boosts productivity and participant engagement in all kinds of workshops – from strategic planning to risk assessment to ideation sessions.

With FacilitatePro, you can harness the power of the internet to:

  • Prepare participants and focus the agenda with online surveys or data gathering ahead of time.
  • Enable participation from a broader group of people who cannot attend the workshop in-person but whose ideas, priorities or opinions will provide valuable input to the workshop discussion and outcomes.
  • Create high energy and focused interaction during the workshop using parallel brainstorming and prioritizing
  • Expand the reach of the workshop by including participants online from other locations for some or all of the session.
  • Continue collaboration beyond the workshop with online interactive work spaces and action tracking for sub-teams.
  • Take whole workshops online when travel restrictions and budget cuts prohibit face-to-face workshops, augmenting ordinary web conferencing with high levels of interaction and engagement.

In the Facilitator’s Words…

With budget and travel constraints, our strategic planning workshop was cut from two days to one. This meant we had to get a lot of work done before our in-person event. We used FacilitatePro to conduct an online environmental assessment and SWOT analysis, which allowed us to hear directly from our 50 executives and managers. Essentially, we accomplished all the “current state” analysis before the workshop. This helped us focus our agenda on a defined set of strategic areas. During the workshop, our managers brought in their laptops so that we could proceed with detailed idea generation around our strategic areas. The anonymity had the desired effect of opening up the conversation and getting beyond organizational politics. We printed out the results at lunchtime and then split into small groups to discuss the large group input and prepare a set of recommendations. The sub-teams presented back to the big group who typed in comments and questions as they listened. I don’t think any of us have had a more productive workshop.

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