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High Performance Meetings

High Performance Meetings are High-Impact Events That:

  • Build on an informed agenda
  • Involve the right participants who are prepared and ready to be fully engaged;
  • Enable focused and productive group behavior, creative ideas and decisions that stick
  • Deliver documented actions that lead to sustained results

FacilitatePro is a tool that, along with good meeting facilitation, turns ordinary meetings in High Performance Meetings. It supports the key principle that an effective meeting process starts well before the meeting begins and continues well after it ends.

Meeting DiagramBefore the Meeting FacilitatePro supports pre-and post meeting activities by providing an online meeting space where surveys and structured discussion topics enable participants to contribute their knowledge, issues and priorities. This helps the meeting owner define the problem and build a meaningful meeting agenda and at the same time creates a shared understanding, even before the meeting begins.

During the Meeting FacilitatePro facilitates participation and creative thinking during the meeting by moving the group from idea generation to solution building to decision making. FacilitatePro's tools for anonymous brainstorming, idea building and prioritizing get difficult issues on the table and help shift negative group dynamics towards objective problem solving and consensus. Action-planning documents outcomes and sets the stage for implementation.

After the Meeting FacilitatePro allows the group to continue to access the online meeting space, where they can monitor progress against action plans, continue contributing to key topics, evaluate next steps and prepare for the next high performance meeting.

Download the High Performance Meeting Diagram (900KB PDF)

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