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Over 25 million meetings take place every day in the United States. Companies, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations can, in part, measure their efficiency and effectiveness by the success of their meetings. By designing and facilitating meetings more thoughtfully and systematically, we achieve better thinking, more robust solutions to problems, and greater support for decisions. Moreover, we can begin to create the type of meetings (and in turn the type of organizations) that reflect the basic values of mutual respect, full participation in decisions, and support for each other's efforts and aspirations.

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To create an effective group process that delivers a high performance meeting takes careful planning. When designing your meeting, it is important to consider three phases - pre-meeting, meeting and post-meeting - and three key elements - people, process and technology. This Planning Matrix (150K PDF) gives you an idea of some of the considerations a facilitator will address.

Our Meeting Design consultants will help you design a meeting that gets the most out of your participants and harnesses the creative thinking of the group. We will work with you to design and facilitate processes that will produce powerful results, and recommend and integrate the technology that will make the meeting more effective and efficient.

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