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Simply put, a meeting cannot function without a facilitator. The facilitator designs the meeting process, then guides the participants toward the desired outcomes by following the agenda. Whether you are a professional facilitator or a team or project leader, be attentive to the process of the meeting as well as the content. With more meetings being held virtually across time and distance, good meeting design and strong facilitation skills are essential. What does a facilitator do?

Our facilitation consultants provide one-on-one or group coaching to professional and adhoc facilitators. We offer tailored programs in meeting design, facilitation skills and running successful remote meetings. We work with you in person, or use web meeting technology to coach you remotely. Either way, you receive personalized services from experienced consultants.

What does a facilitator do?


Why be concerned about good meeting facilitation?

Poor meetings waste time and money, but they also may harm employee health. Professors in the U.S. and Britain recently surveyed 676 employees, who said they spend an average of 5.6 hours a week in meetings. The employees got gloomier and more anxious about their jobs the more time they spent in meetings they considered ineffective, says Steven Rogelberg, a principal researcher. — Wall Street Journal March 6, 2006; Page B3

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