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About Us is a company of facilitators, process consultants and software designers with over 20 years of direct experience in running high performance meetings and creating collaborative environments for innovation and learning. At the core of our company is a passion for facilitation – it’s what drove us to design and develop the premier brainstorming and decision making meeting software. It’s also the foundation of our support and services philosophy.

Our experience as facilitators is evident in the characteristics of our product; we designed a tool that is quick to install, easy to access, simple and intuitive to use, adaptive to different meeting and teaching purposes, and with 100% reliability. We also recognize that technology is not the whole solution; with this in mind our company focuses on providing excellent training programs to support the implementation and integration of the tools with your collaborative processes, business meetings and online learning environment. Our customer support starts with providing intuitive software that doesn’t break and continues with responsive and knowledgeable support and availability of expert consulting and facilitation resources.

Over the past 17 years has worked with many universities, government agencies and corporations in the US and in Europe with a particular focus on providing tools for innovative thinking. We are intrigued by the possibilities of using our tools to provide a new kind learning environment, one that includes collaboration, dialogue and deliberation, problem solving and decision making, in-person and with colleagues and stakeholders around the globe. We take a particular interest in connecting our clients from different institutions, in our webinars and one-on-one, as they use our tools for a wide range of purposes: from strategic planning and business process design to new product development and customer outreach; from the classroom to board room to the shop floor. Our initial custom success plan helps our customers outline their initial objectives for the FacilitatePro tools and allows us to tailor our support to meet your particular environment and objectives.

We believe that FacilitatePro is the best Collaborative Meeting Software to meet your requirements. Our efficient product design and unique licensing practice of offering unlimited number of simultaneous meetings, facilitators and participants for one price, will enable you to quickly expand your usage across many tenants, affiliates and partners. In addition to a great product you have access to exceptional technical and facilitation support resources to help you get the most value from the tools and think creatively about how and where they may be used to support your institutional mission and objectives.


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Our team of professional facilitators and experienced process consultants will help you design and deliver High Performance Meetings. What's this?