IAF: A Key Facilitator Resource in Challenging Times
By Danuta McCall

Posted May 13, 2009

Just wanted our community to know that the International Association of Facilitators Europe Conference will be held in the United Kingdom September 18-20 2009. If you are looking for a reason to visit the beautiful and historic city of Oxford (and partake of conference events in the hallowed Keble College, one of England’s most historic seats of learning), this is it. The IAF has developed over the years into a well-run and broad reaching organization providing excellent resources and opportunities for learning and networking.

The quality and diversity of the sessions offered at the IAF conferences has improved with each year, with sessions on basic and advanced facilitation skills, integrating social media, meeting technologies, facilitating virtual teams, brainstorming techniques and more. Given the challenges that face us — stabilizing world economies, re-inventing major industries and wisely stewarding our planet, the ability of organizations to respond and evolve rapidly is a mandate for survival. People who have the skills to facilitate group problem solving and idea generation provide critical value, whether they be members of the profession, team leaders or top executives. The IAF is a knowledge base and community to help you succeed.

The program and conference details can be found here: http://www.iaf-europe-conference.org/index.html.

Posted by Danuta McCall